Usyk vs Dubois LIVE! Boxing updates and undercard results


Usyk vs Dubois LIVE!  Boxing updates and undercard results
Usyk vs Dubois LIVE! Boxing updates and undercard results












Daniel Dubois will look to pull off a huge boxing upset tonight when he takes on Oleksandr Usyk in Poland for his first heavyweight title fight. The Ukrainian will have the support of the whole of Wroclaw behind him in what is his first match in over a year.

Usyk last turned out for back-to-back demolitions of Anthony Joshua to prove his credentials at this weight, and a showdown against Tyson Fury could well be next if he can overcome today’s hurdle. Despite his time away from the ring, the crafty 36-year-old is tipped to outbox his powerful opponent.


Dubois, like many before him, may feel his best way to get over Usyk is an early show of muscle in what would make for a spectacular fight. Follow Usyk vs Dubois round by round, blow by blow with Standard Sporthis match blog LIVE!

Live updates


Daniel Dubois’ camp is making their fury known


Daniel Dubois’ camp unhappy

Frank Warren says the referee got it “big wrong” and calls it a “hometown decision”.

Daniel Dubois’ trainer Don Charles becomes enraged as he asks during the interview, “How low is that?!”

Dubois adds: “I’ve been cheated, it was a win tonight. But you know what, I have to come again.”

Warren describes Usyk as a “hero” but “this is a boxing match and should be above board, but it wasn’t a low blow. It’s nonsense, total nonsense. The governing bodies need to order a rematch.”

He says they will appeal.


Daniel Dubois next time

“I didn’t think it was a low blow, I thought it landed and I’ve been cheated out of victory.”


Oleksandr Usyk gives his reaction

“I feel good. I am grateful for my team, my family, my children, I love you. But I am grateful for my country, Ukraine and the army. Thank you very much.

“[Low blow?] Boxing is tough, but I’m big. It’s boxing I love and I respect my opponent. But it’s boxing, it’s not ballet. It’s boxing.

“No [power from Dubois] only on my balls.

“[Tyson Fury fight?] I’ll be ready tomorrow. Next fight I’m ready, but Tyson I have no idea.

“I can’t wait to see my kids and be home again, I miss it. I’ve been training for a long time and I’m a bit tired.”


Over to Michael Buffer…

We will hear from the fighters soon, hopefully, first up is the official announcement of the result.

Into 48 seconds of round number nine, after a knockout victory, Oleksandr Usyk remains the unified heavyweight champion of the world!


Moment of controversy

Will this fight be remembered as a controversial one, after Oleksandr Usyk was timed out after a low blow from Daniel Dubois? Some believe it was a legal shot.

Judge for yourself…


That KO blow

Just watching the replay of the winning shot, it is a fierce right hand right through the gate that injured Daniel Dubois. Could well be where he was hit by Joe Joyce.


Oleksandr Usyk retains his heavyweight belts

Oleksandr Usyk talks to Daniel Dubois, unclear if he’s congratulating him or reading the riot act about the early slump that dropped Usyk.

“Thank you,” he finishes with a fist bump, before taking the crowd’s adulation.


Sick vs. Dubois

Round nine

It has been a fascinating World Cup match that has lived up to its billing. Where will it go next?

Usyk throws in an early left hand to pin Dubois on the ropes and he has to throw hands to force his way out. Dubois’ nose is bloody.

We’re not even halfway through the round and Usyk seems to be turning the screw.





Sick vs. Dubois

Round eight

Dubois lands a couple of good shots early to break back some advantages.

Usyk will have to rediscover his speed if he wants to negotiate the 12s and win on points, which he is set to do if he can get to the end.

It must be said that Dubois doesn’t look confused in this environment and his chin is holding up. A flurry to end the round puts Dubois on his knee!

He takes his time and is back to call.



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