Meet George Foreman’s HUGE family – five of his children share a name

  • The former heavyweight champion has five sons and seven daughters
  • Two of his children pursued boxing careers after graduation
  • The 2023 film Big George Foreman is on Netflix from August 26

Legendary heavyweight boxer and entrepreneur George Foreman has kept busy since his second retirement in 1997 — raising 12 children and writing a 2008 book about fatherhood.

The 2023 film Big George Foreman, on Netflix from August 26, portrays him as the perfect athlete and family man, balancing boxing and the barbecue business with being a father to his sons and daughters.

The film’s positive portrayal of Foreman has been criticized in mid allegations of sexual abuse of minors against him by three women.

He denies the allegations and none of Foreman’s children have spoken out about the matter – they live largely out of the spotlight.

So who are Foreman’s children? Here is everything you need to know.

George Foreman’s son George ‘Monk’ Foreman III became a professional boxer after earning a college degree from Rice University. He retired in 2012 and has a record of 16¿0 in professional boxing
George Foreman with four of his sons and one of his daughters, Texas, 2003

How many sons does George Foreman have?

Foreman has five biological sons, and they are all named George.

“I named all my sons George Edward Foreman so they would always have something in common,” Foreman explained.

“I tell them: ‘If one of us goes up, we all go up, and if one goes down, we all go down!”

George Foreman Jr is a producer and co-founder of the Sacramento-based investment firm IYC Capital.

George ‘Monk’ Foreman III became a professional boxer after graduating from Rice University, and founded the Craft Boxing Club years after his retirement in 2012.

George ‘Big Wheel’ Foreman IV served as producer along with the eldest Foreman son for the 2017 documentary Foreman. He works as a development officer for the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

George ‘Red’ Foreman V made negative headlines in 2014 after being arrested and charged with aggravated assault against his wife Ashley McVea-Figueroa, and has stayed out of the public eye ever since.

George ‘Little Joey’ Foreman VI keeps a low profile and apparently has no social media accounts.

Foreman is also the grandfather of two boys. If you’ve read this far, you don’t need us to tell you their name.

George ‘Big Wheel’ Foreman IV, far left, and George Foreman Jr worked with their father on the 2017 documentary Foreman, where they both served as producers
George Foreman supported George ‘Monk’ Foreman III when he decided to enter professional boxing. However, he insisted that his son get a college degree before he did

How many daughters does George Foreman have?

Foreman has seven daughters – Natalie, Leola, Freeda, Michi, Georgetta, Isabella and Courtney.

He adopted Isabella in 2009 and Courtney in 2012 and has five biological daughters, two of whom, Natalie and Leola, he shares with his wife Mary Joan Martelly.

Martelly is his fifth wife. They have been married since 1985 and also share Georges IV, V and VI.

Freeda followed in her father’s footsteps and became a professional boxer in 2000.

She died aged 42 of an apparent suicide in March 2019.

Freeda Foreman was the only Foreman daughter to become a professional boxer – finishing her career with a record of 5¿1 before retiring in 2001. She died of an apparent suicide aged 42 in 2019
Georgetta Foreman has been a television producer since the 1990s. She works as a supervising producer for Allen Media Group in Los Angeles
Before becoming a professor, Natalie Foreman-Wynn pursued a career in singing. She later became a science teacher in 2010, and entered a master’s program at Texas Southern University for Educational Administration and Supervision in 2011

Georgetta is a successful television producer who has worked on shows including Divorce Court and We the People with Judge Lauren Lake.

Natalie Foreman-Wynn initially pursued a singing career but has since embraced one doctorate last May and became a professor at Lone Star College for almost 10 years.

Little is known about Michi and Leola. Foreman’s two adopted daughters, Isabella Brandie Lilja and Courtney Isaac, have kept a low profile and don’t seem to be on social media.

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