Martin Crossan continues to box “until the wheels come off”

The unbeaten super lightweight (7-0) defends his Scottish title against Andrew Smart next weekend on the undercard of Ricky Burns’ fight with Willie Limond at the Braehead Arena.

Both headliners are now in their forties, but still as involved in the sport as ever, as fighters first and foremost, but also coaches and mentors. Crossan is definitely on Team Limond for this one as he is trained by the former British, Commonwealth and European champion and counts Limond’s sons, Drew and Jake, as training mates and friends.

However, the 22-year-old has also sparred with Burns in the past and believes both men deserve to be seen as role models for all they have done to promote Scottish boxing.

“It’s great to see those two guys agree to get in the ring and it’s going to be a big night for Scottish boxing in general as it also gives guys like me a platform to go and perform in a big arena like doesn’t come around too often, says Crossan.

“I’ve sparred with both guys, Ricky last year and Willie recently, and it’s going to be a good fight for the fans. Will I still be fighting in my 40s? I’ll walk until the wheels fall off! I’m in until I can’t box anymore. But there’s no reason why Ricky and Willie can’t still be walking at this age. They are both still willing and both still able.”

Crossan credits Limond with rekindling his love of boxing after a period away from the sport and helping introduce him to Iain Wilson of St Andrews Sporting Club who continues to manage his affairs.

“Willie has been a big influence on me so far,” he reveals. “He is the reason I became a professional. I met him when I stopped boxing and he took me to Iain Wilson and it went from there. I’ve looked up to Willie since I was a little boy. He has set the standards I try to follow.”

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Crossan’s commitment to boxing cannot be questioned. Newly fathered to baby Jacob, he admits he had to leave much of the parenting duties to partner Kerri until after the match on September 1.

“Being a dad has been great. My girlfriend feeds most of the night so it’s much harder for her. It’s life changing in some ways but not in others – I still wake up, go to work and go to the gym most days! I still work in construction during the day and adjust all the boxing and training around it, as well as helping out with the little man, so it’s a lot to take in.

“We were down in Manchester the week he was born. I had to get sparring – life doesn’t stop! After the game, I want more time to spend with them, but my boyfriend has been good at not giving me too much grief about training the whole time. After September 1st we will try to go away somewhere for a week or so. And then I’m straight back in training for the next match.

“But I think becoming a parent makes you more focused. You’re supporting a family now and that gives you all the motivation you need. You’re not just doing it for yourself or your own ambitions. I still want to go as far as I can may be in boxing but it’s about supporting your family in the short term at least.

“In the long term, the dream is to go into boxing full time. I want to be able to show my little boy that anyone can do what they want to do if they put their mind to it. I’m not sure I’m the type of person that should be a role model for anyone, even my own child! But hopefully I can devote all my time to it in the future, if I can continue to develop in boxing.

Much is expected of Crossan after some impressive early displays and he believes he is growing in confidence with each outing ahead of the showdown with Smart (6-1) next Friday night.

“I’m fine with this one. The training has gone well and I am flying. To win the Scottish title against Ahmed [Mweva] was a nice moment. It was good to get my first 10 laps and show myself as much as anyone else that I can go that distance. And then I had another 10 rounds in my last fight as well. So I’m building up my strength and endurance, which will be important if I want to achieve my goals. I have no worries in my head now whether I am capable or not.”

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