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Of Ken Hissner: At the Overtime Elite Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, before another sold-out crowd on Friday over DAZN promoter Brandon Rhodes (OTX – Overtime Boxing) presented in the Main Event middleweight Lorenzo ‘Truck’ Simpson, who was upset by a majority decision by Vladimir ’24k ‘ Hernandez in an 8 round main event.

In the co-main event, Greek middleweight Andreas Katzourakis came off the canvas in the first round to dominate Raphael ‘Trouble’ Igbokwe out of Houston, stopping him in the eighth and final round.

In the main event, middleweight southpaw Lorenzo ‘Truck’ Simpson, 13-1 (7), #159.2, of Baltimore, MD, was upset, losing a majority decision to southpaw Vladimir ’24k’ Hernandez, 14-5 (6), #158.8, of Ciudad Lerdo, Mex, over eight rounds.

In the first round, with a pair of southpaws, Simpson countered well, taking the round against the aggressive Hernandez. In the second round, it was Hernandez who outworked Simpson. In the third round, Hernandez continued to land Simpson, hurting him with a right hook to the chin in the last minute.

In the fourth through sixth rounds, Simpson continued to come forward, but Hernandez took him for the most part. In the seventh round, it was close, with Simpson rocking Hernandez a minute into the round, but Hernandez seemed to bounce back nicely. In the eighth and final round, both let everyone hang out in a round of action that Hernandez seemed to take. Referee Nate Mann.

The results were 76-76, 78-74 and 79-73, and 78-74 KH.

In the Co-main event, middleweight Andres Katzourakis, 11-0 (9), #160, of Athens, GR, came off the canvas in the first round to dominate and stop southpaw Nigerian Raphael ‘Trouble’ Igbokwe, 16-5 ( 7) , #160, in Houston, TX at 2:15 of the 8th and final round.

Twenty seconds into the first round, southpaw Igbokwe dropped Katzourakis with a left to the chin for an 8 count from referee Malik Waleed. Katzourakis bounced back well for the rest of the half, dropping Igbokwe to manage a low blow in the final seconds.

In the second round, Katzourakis came back well, working out of Igbokwe. In the third round, both fighters had their moments, with Katzourakis holding an advantage.

In the fourth round, Katzourakis dominated the entire round. Thirty seconds into the fifth round, Katzourakis landed a right to the chin, with Igbokwe out on his feet but unable to follow through. Igbokwe fought back well but not enough to take the round. In the sixth round, both had their moments, with Katzourakis having the edge.

In the seventh round, Katzourakis managed Igbokwe. Midway through, he pushed Igbokwe into the ropes without warning from referee Waleed. In the eighth and final round, Katzouraki’s Igbokwe was hurt, landing a dozen unanswered punches when referee Waleed wisely stopped.

Referee Lightweight Luis Acosta, 13-2 (12), #134.6, of Houston, TX, lost by decision to Christian ‘Lapiton’ Barreto, 10-0 (7), #134.6, of Arecibio, PR, over six rounds of action.

In the first round, Barreto outperformed Acosta. In the second round, Barreto continued to overpower Acosta until the last minute when Acosta came off the ropes, landing four straight left hooks to Barreto’s chin. In the third and fourth rounds, Barreto walked out of Acosta, and both landed at the bell, ending the fourth round.

In the fifth round, Barreto continued to edge Acosta in another close round. In the sixth and final round, a clash of heads caused by Barreto caused a gash on Acosta’s right eyebrow, bringing in the ring doctor. Referee Nate Mann took a point from Barreto. The rest of the round, with Acosta needing a knockout, came back well and took the round.

The results were 59-54 and 58-55 twice, as did KH.

Super Middleweight Nat’l Amateur Champion Abel Gonzalez, 6-0 (4), #168, of Hialeah, FL, won a close decision over Olympic alternative Robert Magee, 8-1-2 (5), #168, of Bernville, MO , over six rounds.

In the first round, aside from being knocked off balance by a right to the chin with a minute left, Magee gave Gonzalez a boxing lesson. In the second round, Magee countered Gonzalez well, rocking him several times with a right to the chin. In the third round, Gonzalez rocked Magee several times in a close round.

In the fourth round, Gonzalez showed his striking power throughout. In the fifth round, Magee made a good comeback using counter effective jabs. In the sixth and final round, after a minute, Gonzalez hurt Magee badly with a left hook to the chin, but Magee came back well and took the last minute with his own aggressiveness. Judge Malik Waleed.
The scores were 60-54 and 58-56 twice, Gonzalez 57-57 KH.

Lightweight 5-time national champion southpaw Czarina ‘The Black Rose’ McCoy, 11-2 (3), #137.2, of Las Vegas, NV, lost a split decision to late sub, Carisse ‘The Golden Child’ Brown, 10-6 (6), #133.2, from Lakeland, FL, over 6×2 rounds.

After splitting the first two rounds in the third round, Brown continued his rough tactics, and was cautioned for striking behind the head. At the end of the round, she rocked McCoy with a right hand.

In the fourth round, Brown continued his wild swing, with McCoy on defense. In the fifth round, McCoy came back well and showed his boxing skills.

In the sixth and final round, McCoy was doing well until Brown dropped her with a right to the chin for an 8 count from referee Dave Mann. Brown had stepped on the foot of McCoy which the referee missed.

The scores were 59-54 Brown, 57-56 McCoy and 57-56 Brown, 58-55 Brown KH. The blow cost her the decision on the referee’s results that should not have been called due to stepping on her foot.

Super middleweight pitstop Dante Lane, 1-0 (1), #166.8, of Elmont, Long Island, NY, stopped Nathan ‘Flawless’ Mitchell, 0-2-1 (0), #168, of Sanatobia, MS, in 2 .:29 of the first round of a scheduled four rounds.

In the first round southpaw Lane Mitchell dropped a left to the chin halfway through the round for an 8 count from referee Malik Waleed. In the final minute, Lane left Mitchell again with a flurry of punches for the full count. Layne is a skilled amateur managed by Split T-Boxing.

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